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Pictures 2021
This year is turning out to be slow for me, with a surgery and the Virus going around.  Hopefully it will pick up.

  My son Earle III with some nice bass                      

My son with a very nice spring turkey

Let's do some muskie fishing!!

Lake News!!

Lake is about 2.30 feet high and they are letting out 1400 cfs. The amount of water coming in is around 450CFS. Water temp is about 58 degrees.  Fishing is starting to pick up on all species.   My son is going to do some bass guiding this spring, he is a terrific fisherman and has won a lot of tournaments including a 200 boat tournament at Lake of the Ozarks and he has been fishing Pomme since he was a small guy.  Talking to some bass fishermen and they have been catching bass off the banks in shallow water.  Crappie are being caught in the back of coves off of secondary points in the shallows.






































Lets do some muskie fishing!!

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