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Pictures 2019 .

Not too many pictures yet, it has been a very weird spring, nothing normal.
Water has been 25+' high all spring and now into summer.  They are finally
letting out water but not at a consistent flow.  Be glad to start fishing again!!!!!

Nice white bass on a          
square bill in shallow

Hard to take a good picture and hold
the fish at the same time.  About 5 LBS

About 5 lbs also      a week apart


Let's do some muskie fishing!!

Lake News!!


Well the lake is currently at 2.25' high, according to the Corp of Engineers Website they are going to start letting out 500 CFS starting on Tuesday, let's hope this is the truth and lets get the excess water out of here.  Thinking about changing tv stations, the one that I watch  is forecasting highs in the 90's this week, maybe another one will be forecasting cooler weather!!!!!!  What is it with this temperature?  Fishing in general has been slow but hopefully with some cooler weather coming Friday and lasting a while it will start getting back to normal.  Thermo Cline line is still at 23 feet.  Sure would be nice to start fishing for muskies again....

Lets do some muskie fishing!!

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